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What would you do with your second chance?

Congressman Vern Bushnell is having one hell of a day. His wife is leaving him, unwashed hippies are protesting his newest condo high-rise, and his long-time political patrons—the brothers Sneed—have decided to make him the patsy for an explosive scandal, effectively ending his Gubernatorial ambitions. 

Vern has no intention of going down alone. He threatens to spill all the Sneeds’ proverbial beans to police and press alike. What’s a little blackmail between friends?

The Sneeds are predictably and exceedingly displeased. Before Vern can blab, they banish him. Not merely from the political arena, goodness no. Taking advantage of a secret, Cold War-era science project gone horribly right, they banish Vern to another universe. A parallel universe. A universe in which Congressman Vern Bushnell has never existed. Until now. 

QUEEN PALM is a delirious, brain-bending blend of sci-fi paranoia, humid Floridian romance, and a Max Roach bebop drum solo. Go ahead. Close your eyes and listen to the syncopated snares and never-ending Gulf waves shushing, and ask yourself… what would you do with your second chance?

Perfect for fans of Carl Hiaasen and Kurt Vonnegut!

Soooo brilliant! Maybe a Kafkaesque “It’s a Wonderful Life.”


A gripping jaunt in multiple universes… It was hard to put down; I finished it in a day!