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LAST OUT: Elegy of a Green Beret

 LAST OUT is a raw emotional journey with no illusions as its core value. It is uncompromising, intense and intimate, and for those open to see a different side of those who serve. War is a horror. Based upon true stories, LAST OUT more than suggests, there is never a “last one” out from the burden of war. The legacies, of whatever dimension, continue through generations. LAST OUT aims and succeeds at showing that to those open to it.”

David Segal. DC Metro Theater Arts

Army Green Beret Danny Patton is a modern-day warrior fighting battles that range from tribal Afghanistan to his own living room. As the corrosive gears of war begin to rip apart his family, his integrity, and his soul, Danny is thrust into his final, eternal mission. On the other side, with Valhalla beckoning, he discovers that combat can be fueled by vengeance or by love… it just depends which price you are willing to pay. You’ve heard the war stories of the “first in.” This is the untold true story of the LAST OUT.

LAST OUT was pulled from the experiences of the longest war in American history, a war mostly fought in the shadows. This is a one-act play, with a small cast of combat veterans and military-family members playing multiple roles. An elegy is a lament for the dead, therefore all scenes take place somewhere in the after-life, spanning different times from Danny’s youth and military career from May 1989 until his death in 2015.

War comes with many costs, some more obvious than others. The physical wounds and loss of life are tragic but visible, and burdens that are readily shared. Unfortunately, there are hundreds of thousands of military veterans and family members for whom the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are still being waged, at home. Their stories are seldom told and rarely understood. This is not only unfortunate, but a threat to our national security and the fabric of our society – but we’re changing that.

Throughout history, societies have used storytelling to help warriors integrate back into society, and LAST OUT follows in that tradition. The mission of this production is to validate the journey of our military veterans and their families while building genuine and well-informed understanding in the communities where they live.

It’s critical that our citizens and political leaders get beyond “thank you for your service.” If America is going to continue to send her sons and daughters into the crucible of combat, American Citizens damn sure need to know what we are asking them to do. We believe that LAST OUT is a powerful and meaningful way to do just that.

Last Out is produced by the 501c3 non-profit, The Heroes Journey

“This is as good as theatre gets.”

Dr. Anthony Chase, Theatre Critic 

LAST OUT tells the real story of the American soldier for the first time… a more detailed and nuanced narrative about what it means to be a soldier. The highs and the lows, the camaraderie and frustration.”

Connecting Vets

“Shines a light on a military story that Hollywood has left behind.”

Salute Magazine

“Without being politically divisive, the play shows the inner workings of our 18-year war in Iraq and Afghanistan from the standpoint of those who serve and are tasked with forming deep bonds with Afghan locals.”