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Thrilling Haiku

Happy Friday to you--

This is Jason Cannon with Ibis Books.

As this is the final weekend of National Poetry Month, I wanted to share with you some early reviews of Marc D. Johnson, Jr.'s BURNING SAGE.

But before I toot that particular horn, why not celebrate the end of National Poetry Month with a couple thriller haikus? Those beautifully concise, Japanese poems with a 5-7-5 syllabic structure. Middle-school flashbacks, right?

First, a haiku for Lee Child's "Jack Reacher"...

He walks and he walks

A toothbrush in his pocket

Bad guys get pummeled

How about for author Louise Penny (I just finished GLASS HOUSES; it's terrific!)...

Canadian cops

Small-town life and big-time crime

Intricate plotlines

And what say you to Tom Clancy's "Jack Ryan"?

Ben Affleck, Chris Pine

Alec B and John K are

no Harrison Ford

There. You are now poetically edified for the weekend.

But if you're craving more, I encourage you to check out BURNING SAGE.

And I'm not alone in my recommendation! Check it out, all five stars...

I love the honesty and truthfulness behind [Marc's] journey and sharing where he’s been and the growth since then. The pictures are a beautiful addition to the words and bring the entire vision together!

I didn’t know I could relive such a range of emotions in 53 pages. Bring your tissues, this will bring you some peace.

[Marc's] journey through poetry was insightful, thoughtful, and courageous. Thank you for sharing yourself with us, and in doing so, I’m sure helping others to heal as well.


I think Marc must be blushing up in Philadelphia...

You can check out Marc's collection of poems over at the Ibis Books store.

There are some exciting events coming in May, which is National Mental Health Awareness Month. Stay tuned!

Jason "5-7-5" Cannon