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This Newsletter Needs a TV Guide

Hello and happy final day of March!

This is Jason Cannon with Ibis Books.

And this week I've got three videos to share with you. Get your universal remote ready!

Before we start pressing "play," a quick reminder that one week from today, Ibis Books is launching BURNING SAGE by Philadelphia poet Marc D. Johnson, Jr.

April just happens to be National Poetry Month. It's almost like we planned it or something...


Hmmm. What rhymes with "April"?

And now for the first video in our triple-header. Maybe real quick go grab some popcorn.

Video 1 is an interview with a couple of the cast members of A PLACE IN THE SUN: A TRIBUE TO STEVIE WONDER.



I wrote this cabaret during lockdown and after three extensions--talk about your popular demand! woo!--it's wrapping up its world premiere production at Florida Studio Theatre on April 16. So you've still got a couple weeks to check out the show. This cast blows the roof off the joint, and every dang song is a hit you probably already know by heart. I mean, it's Stevie dang Wonder!

Video 2 is an interview with Estrella Engelhardt about her book LETTERS TO JIM: MEMOIR OF A 40-YEAR LOVE STORY, which Ibis Books just released a few weeks back.



That's Estrella on the right, and her beloved Jim in the framed Navy portrait in front of her. Her story--and her vulnerability in sharing it--are gifts to anyone going through grief.

Wrapping up our end-of-March multimedia whirlwind, Video 3 is a 30-second spot about CLOWNS LIKE ME, the one-man show I've written and will be directing in May, during National Mental Health Awareness Month. I'll be publishing the script in May, and we'll have a full film version sometime in the summer, too!



You can learn more about the show at You can also buy tickets, and even listen to a podcast interview (if three videos weren't enough for you today!) with Scott Ehrenpreis, who is the actor telling his true story of living with mental illness.

But don't worry, the show is full of humor and heart, and much like Estrella, Scott's courage and honesty are potent and inspiring.

I'm gonna go refill my popcorn. Have a fun-filled April Fool's tomorrow!

Jason "Multimedia Maven" Cannon