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On the road again...

Happy final Friday of August (whaaaa??)--

This is Jason Cannon with Ibis Books.

And as you are reading this email, I am about to get on a plane.

Remember how back in January my beloved Rebecca and I zipped out to Phoenix to run a marathon and half-marathon with our friends Steve and Amanda?

Yeeeeahhhh... in the January post-race glow (the muscle-shrieking glow), we thought--HEY! Let's do that AGAIN!

And luckily for us, Steve and Amanda live in beautiful Asheville, and Asheville has an annual half-marathon, and this annual half-marathon is on Saturday, and we're headed up to join our friends in another lengthy bit of hoofin'. Wish us well, please! :)


January post-race glow. Yes we we totally paid to ride in a bicycle-rickshaw back to our car after the race.

In the meantime, all those exciting memoirs I told you about last week are making progress toward publication, and also, here's some dang cool news...



September 15-24, CLOWNS LIKE ME will be running ("running," hehehe) at Stageworks Theatre in downtown Tampa.

Check it out--


Get your dang tickets HERE!

This is the first of what we hope will be many tour stops. Spreading the hope and serving a mission... you know what? It ain't no sprint. It's a marathon.

Whatever you do this weekend, may it cause you to glow.

Jason "Pavement Pounder" Cannon