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My New Year's Resolution? More books. And more BBQ.

Hello there!

This is Jason Cannon with Ibis Books.

And is it really December 30th??

(checks calendar)

Yes, it really is.

I cannot say THANK YOU loudly enough or boldly enough or greenly enough for all your support and encouragement this past year. You are the wind beneath this proverbial ibis's wings.

I wish you all the best with your 2022 reflections and your 2023 resolutions. 

I know I promised you a 2023 sneak peek into upcoming Ibis titles, but I'm putting that off to next week, cuz I sorta got distracted by this amazing gift from my beloved Rebecca...

Behold! The Char-Griller Akorn Komodo Grill and Smoker! And also a rerun of Friends in the background!

Tomorrow I'm smoking nuts, pickles (Yes, pickles! Don't knock it till you try it!), salmon, and beer-can chicken. 

Low and slow, baby. Low and slow.

Have a fun-filled and wondrous New Year's Eve, whether you stay up to catch the dropping ball or whether you head to bed at your normal hour. 

I'll be digesting smoked pickles, either way. 

Back to normal Ibis Books biz next week. Have a wonderful New Year!

Jason "Smokemaster" Cannon