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Kick off 2023 with my key lime pie!

Well hello there, first week of 2023!

This is Jason Cannon with Ibis Books.

And do I have a jam-packed newsletter for you today!

First off, my thriller novella THE UNDERSTUDY and my proprietary key lime pie recipe are both being highlighted over on the delightful blog, KAREN'S KILLER FIXIN'S.

Oh baby.

KAREN'S KILLER FIXIN'S is run by one heck of a cool author, K.L. Docter. She writes contemporary romance but also takes that romance and mixes in a healthy dose of serial killers.

I mean, just check out the tagline for her book KILLING SECRETS

Some secrets are better left dead.

Dang. If I believed in plagiarism, I'd slap that on my next thriller.

And she also shares tons of recipes on her blog, so if you need to stress-eat while reading her books, you're good to go!

Give KAREN'S KILLER FIXIN'S a quick visit and sign up for her blog, you won't be disappointed! Or hungry!

Just gonna use the heat from that kiss to toast the meringue on my pie...

So I mentioned a couple weeks ago that Ibis Books is looking for manuscripts to publish, but what if you have a story and aren't quite sure how to write it?

Never fear! I will be teaching two writing classes for ACE over the next few months. 

ACE is Adult & Community Enrichment at Suncoast Technical College.

So if you've got 1-3pm on Tuesdays open and you're in the area, come join me! I'll be leading a fiction short-story class Jan 24-Feb 21, and a micro-memoir class Feb 28-April 4.


And lastly, here are the titles you can be expecting from Ibis Booksby summer (and there are even a couple more percolating beyond these!)--

In February, just after Valentine's Day, watch for LETTERS TO JIM: MEMOIR OF A 40-YEAR LOVE STORY. This epistolary memoir by Estrella Engelhardt is a collection of letters she wrote to her husband after he passed, and is a real-time meditation on romance and mourning, love and grief.

In April, as part of National Poetry Month, you can grab BURNING SAGE, a collection of original poems by Marc D. Johnson.

The TROUPE Series continues the thrilling vigilante adventures of Gideon, Rheia, Adler, Stan, and Banshee with BLACKOUT: A TROUPE THRILLER. That one's mine. :)

And two plays will also come your way. LAST OUT: ELEGY OF A GREEN BERET by Ret. Lt. Col. Scott Mann, and CLOWNS LIKE ME, the one-man show I'm co-authoring with Scott Ehrenpreis.

Stay tuned for updates and cover reveals and launch dates for all these exciting titles!

And if you try my pie recipe, email me and lemme know how it turned out!

Jason "Some Secrets Are Better Left Dead" Cannon