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It's Opening Night!

Happy Thursday to you!

This is Jason Cannon with Ibis Books.

And don't worry, you haven't lost a day. I know I typically say howdy on Fridays, but I'm bumping a day early this week because tonight is OPENING NIGHT of CLOWNS LIKE ME!

And it's not just opening night. It's the dang world premiere.

I'm the writer and director of this one-man show, but the performance is by Scott Ehrenpreis, who bravely, vulnerably, and humorously tells his true story of living with mental illness.

I'm more than a little proud of this fella, and so incredibly honored to have been part of this journey over the past year.

All info and tix here:

And check out these two deep-dive feature articles--


Rehearsal action shot!

Also! The published script of CLOWNS LIKE ME is now available over at the Ibis Bookstore. You can grab the epub and pdf direct from Ibis Books, or the paperback over at Amazon.

And longer term, we are capturing the show with a 3-camera set-up, and we'll edit Scott's amazing performance into a streaming film. When the cinematic premiere is ready, I'll definitely let you all know! All about getting the story out there as many ways as possible and changing the conversation around mental illness.


As if a world premiere wasn't a full enough Ibis weekend, you can also meet memoirist Estrella Engelhardt. Her author event is being hosted by our good friends over at Bookstore1 (they are seriously the best!).

This is Saturday, May 20, 11am-noon.

Estrella will read a bit from her memoir, LETTERS TO JIM, and have a conversation about grief, which is a huge stressor on mental health, especially because so many people feel like they have to grieve alone.

This event is free, you just gotta register by clicking the big orange button below.

Register for Estrella

Last week the button was green. This week it's orange. Oooooo. The magic of the formatting menu!

I hope to see you this weekend, but however you spend it, and whoever you spend it with, take that extra moment to check in. With them. With yourself. May is National Mental Health Awareness Month. Awareness is always step one.

Wishing you all awareness--

Jason "Button Color Guru" Cannon