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First Five-Star Review and a Free Sneak Peak!

Happy first Friday of March!

This is Jason Cannon with Ibis Books.

So last week was a whirlwind, what with the launch of Estrella Engelhardt's new memoir, LETTERS TO JIM: MEMOIR OF A 40-YEAR LOVE STORY.

We had a full house over at Nellie's Deli, and Estrella decorated the room with framed Valentines and photos and other totems of the love she and Jim shared for 40 years.

She then read a few chapters, and we all shared the cleansing power of both laughter and tears.


That's Estrella, in royal blue, holding court. :)

And check out this first five-star review!

5.0 out of 5 stars

 A brilliantly personal description of love, grief and hope
I just finished Letters to Jim. The book touched me on many levels and some of those levels can’t be expressed with words.

The author paints a beautiful picture of a very special love and she had the courage to share her grief with the world on a very personal level. This book is going to help MANY people feel that they aren’t alone during one of the lowest points of life.

The best part of the book was the last chapter - I closed the book and felt hope, as if Jim were saying to all of us “This chapter has concluded… but look ahead at what comes next!!” --Doug F.

Speaking of reviews, they are super helpful when it comes not just to warming the author's heart, but also to feeding the online bookstore Algorithm Monster.

When you finish reading LETTERS TO JIM (or any other Ibis title!), my goodness would I be much obliged if you would take two minutes to leave a review both on that book's page on the Ibis Books website and over on Amazon.


Artist's rendition of the algorithm monster. So grumpy.

Feed him reviews to cheer him up!

So a couple months back I introduced you all to Scott Ehrenpreis, an incredibly talented actor, for whom I am writing a world premiere one-man show. In this show, called CLOWNS LIKE ME, Scott uses humor and confession to reveal the truths of living with mental illness.

I'll be giving you the production info soon (heads up, it opens May 18!), but short term I wanted to invite you to our final developmental reading. There won't be any sets or costumes, but Scott is going to read the play aloud (Draft 8!) and then we'll ask attendees for their feedback on how to make final edits.

This developmental reading takes place next week, Thursday, March 9, at 2pm, at the Selby Library in downtown Sarasota. This is a free event, and you can register HERE.

Meet Scott and learn more about CLOWNS LIKE ME

Last for today, you have one more week to sign up for the Paperwhite/Thriller Bonanza!


The FREE KINDLE PAPERWHITE and 5-THRILLER BONANZA giveaway is running for one more week.

I've teamed up with two other awesome thriller writers (James Dain and Joslyn Chase) to put together an online raffle! There are multiple opportunities to build up your entries, and BOOM--a shiny, thrillers-bursting-at-the-seams Kindle could be delivered right to your door. Woo!

Click Here to Enter the 5-Thriller Bonanza!

Good luck, I'm hoping one of you win next week! And maybe I'll see you on Thursday for the reading. After you've left your reviews, of course. :)

Jason "Algorithm Monster Slayer" Cannon