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Exactly FOUR WEEKS from tomorrow...

Well hello there!

This is Jason Cannon with Ibis Books.

So it's a new year, with new newsletter software, and down below I'll be telling you all about the first NEW BOOK from Ibis for 2023, and also some bonus new plays.

But first, with all this newness in the air, I wanted to take a quick sec to set your expectations for these Friday Ibis Newsletters.

After all, writers love their readers to be on the same page. (cue waa-waa trombone) Yes, that pun is intentional. I won't apologize.


Really? My pun was double-facepalm worthy??

Anyhow, some of you have been reading my weekly musings for a while now, and some of you are brand-spanking new. (Welcome!!)

Here's what to expect:

  • I generally send these newsletters every Friday, with the occasional break depending on how life decides to happen.
  • I don’t sell, share, rent, loan, or otherwise broadcast your personal info to anyone else for any reason.
  • No spam. Zero nutritional value.
  • Clearly, I write and publish books, and yeah I'd love for you to buy, read, and review them. But I won't ever hard sell or browbeat you into it.
  • To that end, I will do my best to ensure these newsletters unto themselves are valuable, too, whether you click through to grab a book or not. Last week I pondered "time well spent." The three or so minutes you spend reading my newsletter each week? I hope they also are time well spent. I mean, hey, you already got your awesome pun for the week above, right??
  • Time well spent also means I may share with you other cool things to check out, like plays or classes or coupons or giveaways or other authors offering deals. And you are warned that my beloved partner Rebecca and our two pups Gaia and Odin will make their share of appearances. :)
  • You are free to unsubscribe at any time. There's a link in the footer every week.
  • And that's about it! Now on to more exciting stuff!


Cue big splashy trumpets! Like the 20th Century Fox "the movie is about to start" theme!

The next IBIS BOOKS title is coming!

Launch date: Saturday, February 25.


The author is Estrella Engelhardt (you'll meet her next week!).

Here's the blurb:

LETTERS TO JIM is an epistolary memoir and real-time meditation on love and grief, romance and mourning. Created from actual letters Estrella Engelhardt wrote to her departed soulmate, LETTERS TO JIM confronts the most difficult questions that arise when those we love are taken from us. While answers to such questions are few, the story of Jim and Estrella will leave you uplifted, hopeful, and perhaps a few steps further along your own journey to healing.

Next week I'll reveal the cover, introduce you to Estrella, and tell you more about the launch event.


And, as promised, one more batch of new stuff: a festival of brand new 10-minute plays written by some seriously cool high school students.

Quick backstory. In November and December of last year, I got to jam with 8 young playwrights. They all had written short plays that had been selected as finalists for the Eleventh Annual Student Ten-Minute Playwriting Festival, put on by Theatre Odyssey.

Theatre Odyssey hired me to give professional mentorship and dramaturgical guidance to these young writers. So, via email and zoom, we dug into their plays and polished them up to a high shine.

And you can check out their work on February 4 and 5!

You can learn more about the festival and playwrights HERE and get tickets HERE.

Thank you for spending some time with me today! All gratitude.

Jason "Seriously, TWO facepalms?" Cannon