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Everybody loves birthday cake, right?

Well hello there!

This is Jason Cannon with Ibis Books.

And in the tradition of the hobbits of Tolkien's Middle Earth, since it's my birthday tomorrow (tax day baby!), I wanted to give all of you a sweet little gift.

Birthday Cake!

Part of putting these newsletters together is digging up appropriately funny, weird, or artistic images to go along with the ponderings and pontificatings.

Here's a quick recap of some of my favorite images from my search for Birthday Cake...


The only appropriate response to birthday cake!

This'll be me tomorrow.


Coming this summer, from the master of psychological suspense, it's


"What happens when you can't see who's blowing out the candles??"


When your birthday cake requires a CSI team.

There's DNA all over the place...


OK so THIS might be me tomorrow, too.


Oh my gosh, this is my favorite. What's the story here?? Candles still lit, but cutting anyway? With a butter knife?? Looking like she's about to cry?? And absolutely no one is happy to be here. Grandma is clearly thinking, "I asked for CHOCOLATE, dang it all!" And her sister is giving her the haughtiest side-eye. And the lady turning away in the background, epic photobomb. This is an entire coming-of-age novel compressed into one pic! Gah!!

Now for your real present. :)

This weekend only, to celebrate me turning... um... y'know... forty-friggin'-seven, here's a coupon code to use on the Ibis Books website. It'll take 50% off absolutely everything in the store.

Any guess what the code is?


That birthday discount applies to everything. The thrillers, the memoirs, the audiobook. And also of course the newly launched BURNING SAGE by Philadelphia poet Marc D. Johnson, Jr.


I wonder if you could use burning sage as birthday candles...?

Take me birthday shopping!

I'm off to do my best infant-cake-faceplant impression. I'll be back next week, when/if I ever come down from the sugar high.

Have a great weekend!

Jason "Making a Wish" Cannon