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Are you an author? And do you like Stevie Wonder? And do you need one more holiday freebie??

Happy ongoing Hanukkah and Eve of Christmas Eve!

This is Jason Cannon with Ibis Books.

And I've got answers and treats!

Answer to Question 1: if you are an author, or an aspiring author, or know someone who keeps threatening to become an author, you should know that Ibis Books is actively seeking and accepting manuscripts for publication. 

I'll give you a fuller sneak preview next week, but the first quarter of 2023 looks to have 3-4 new Ibis titles cracking out of their eggs and flying to readers! From poetry and memoir to plays and thrillers. 

You don't need an agent. You just need a cool story compellingly told. 

Maybe 2023 can be the year you finally experience the out-of-body-awesomeness of holding a book in your hands that has your name on the cover. Woo!


Dang. Her office is way cooler than my office.

Answer to Question 2: if you like Stevie Wonder, have I got a holiday BOGO for you!

The cabaret I wrote in collaboration with the incredible team over at Florida Studio Theatre--A PLACE IN THE SUN: A TRIBUTE TO STEVIE WONDER--is having a joyous run. 

And they are offering a buy-one-get-one on tickets for two performances this weekend.

Tonight, 12/23, at 9pm, and tomorrow, 12/24, at 6pm.

Just call the box office at 941.366.9000 and mention the promo code "WONDER."

They will sign, seal, and deliver your tix! (See what I did there?? hehehe)

Answer to Question 3: everyone always needs more holiday freebies!

My freebie gift for you is a bit of counter-programming: a rip-snorting thriller novella!

Now through Sunday, head over to the Ibis Books shop and grab your ebook copy of THE UNDERSTUDY for free. 

It even includes an extended preview of my first thriller novel, GHOST LIGHT. Like a stocking wrapped in a present wrapped in a burrito.

Santa's got your scent...

Sincerest wishes for a safe, non-travel-delayed, and love-filled holiday weekend.

All gratitude--

Jason "I've Got Office Envy" Cannon