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After the World Cup Final, listen to THIS ABOVE ALL audiobook for half off!

Happy Friday!

This is Jason Cannon with Ibis Books.

Quick hits today, since I already dipped into your inboxes Wednesday with that coupon code. Speaking of which--

If you head on over to Ibis Books and grab the audiobook of THIS ABOVE ALL: HOW TO LIVE AN ARTISTIC LIFE (narrated by yours truly), use this coupon code at checkout and WHAM--like a Lionel Messi pass shredding the defense--you'll see half that price cut right off: 


That code is good through Sunday!

This book is listening to the World Cup final, but then it will totally start listening to itself.

Also this past Wednesday, I gave a book talk at Selby Library.

Thank you so much to the Friends of Selby Library, who hosted me in and provided some seriously good gingerbread and cream cheese sandwich cookies. Egads.

The Friends do great work. They have youth programs and sell used books at their store for basically the cost of the loose change in your couch. And they have a mini-golf tournament fundraiser coming up--with the holes designed INSIDE THE LIBRARY. I'm so gonna ricochet my drive off the New Fiction shelf. 

If you live near Sarasota, check 'em out!

Take THAT, Reference Section! 

Finally, yes, I've been enjoying following the World Cup and the various compelling storylines. 

Admittedly, it's a tricky needle to thread, since FIFA is about as cuddly as a pre-redeemed Darth Vader. How to enjoy something joyful and athletically amazing that is so clearly built upon corruption and suffering?

A sportswriter who handles that balancing act REALLY well is Brian Phillips. I've been binge-reading (is that a thing? did I just invent a thing?) his series of soccer essays called 22 GOALS. He's been dropping them weekly throughout the World Cup, and what he does is he takes a significant goal and/or player from history and digs in, unpacks the historical and social significance of the moment and how that goal affected historical perceptions and assumptions. Also his writing is super funny and entertaining. I highly highly recommend!

And with that, I wish you all an audiobook, holiday cookie, and goal-filled weekend!

Jason "It's Actually Called FUTBOL" Cannon